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Fogg Travel Club (Сербия)

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Offices: Serbia, Belgrade
Established: 2007
Employees: 10
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish + Russian speaking guides & assistants
Associations: Serbia Convention Bureau

TMC (Travel Management Company)
Tour Operator
DMC (Destination Management Company)
EMC (Event Management Company)
FIT (Fully Individual Travel - tailored made exclusive programs)

Main features: - Travel Professionals with a creative twist!
- License class A - all kinds of travel services inside Serbia & abroad
- Full range of services for any type of events: travel logistic, production, design, scenario, catering, technical equipment, photo-video
- Any type of event format: live, virtual, hybrid
- Experienced MICE DMC with successful projects for: NESTLE, KRKA, GSK, KNAUF, SERVIER, ASTRA ZENECA, NOVARTIS, BERLIN CHEMIE, ABBVIE, VALVOLINE any many other famous brands.